About us

A new type of hotel for a new clientele

Time changes and people’s needs as well. Modular, simple and efficient, Boxotel’s apartments answer to a clientele in transit wishing to settle in and nest: the place adapts to the visitor and not the other way around.

Adding to the experience the automation of many functions like lights, curtains and room temperature, makes a unique and personalized stay with total comfort.

Eco-friendly, high tech and local

Boxotel strives to always find new ways to lower its carbon footprint to satisfy its clientele who cares likewise about the environment.

Being a boutique-hotel who encourages local artists, craftsmen, enterprises and products by integrating them into Boxotel and giving them an additional exposure.

Focusing on under-consumption, energy and material wise, by:

  • One cleaning and sheets/towels changing per stay (daily optional).
  • Natural and eco-friendly soaps and beauty products in distributors instead of give away bars and bottles.
  • Automation of control of room temperature, curtains and lights to reduce energy consumption throughout the hotel.
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water, spa and snow melting on terraces insures comfort with low environmental impact.
  • Green construction, maximum sun oriented windows, heated concrete floors = a winning energy saving combination allowing a better control of inside temperature by uniting passive solar, thermal mass and smart home concept.
  • A recycling bin, compost bin and reusable shopping bag in each apartment as well as email invoicing, which reduces printing to a minimum, helps prevent paper and plastic waste.