Treatments and Massages

Indulge yourself with one of our treatments and massages offered at Boxotel. Our large selection will assure you to find the care you need to reach a state of ultimate relaxation. Our treatments including cleansing, exfoliation, massages, facials, and moisturizing will surely give a boost to your skin.

Our team of experienced beauticians and massage therapists will provide you with the best care for visible results and deep relaxation.

Combine our treatments and access to the spa for the upmost relaxing experience ... so relaxing you might have to stay for the night!

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Basic Facial

• Cleansing lotion
• Exfoliation and sea salt scrub
• Hot towel treatment for blackhead removal
• Massage
• Vitamin C facial
• Serum and moisturizer


Special Vitamin C Facial Care

• Cleansing lotion
• Exfoliation and sea salt scrub
• Hot towel treatment for blackhead removal
• Vitamin C facial sheet
• Vitamin C facial
• Serum and moisturizer


Body Treatment

• Cleansing lotion
• Exfoliation and sea salt scrub
• Seaweed rinse and wrap
• Moisturizing lotion


Back Treatment

• Cleansing lotion
• Exfoliation and sea salt scrub
• Hot towel treatment for blackhead removal
• Massage
• Paraffin wrap
• Moisturizer



• Hands soaking
• Hot paraffin wrap for deeper moisturizing (optional)
• Nail care, massage, and color

Regular 25$
French or Shellac 35$


• Feet soaking
• Heel care
• Feet exfoliation with menthol sea salt
• Hot paraffin treatment for deeper moisturizing (optional)
• Nail care, massage, and color


Eyelash application (Misencils brand)

Standard/Russian Volume 100$
Filling 55$


Half leg 20$
Full leg 30$
Bikini/Brazilian/complete 20$
Armpits 30$
Eyebrows 20$
Face 30$


60 minutes: 90$
90 minutes: 120$


Swedish massage is a deep and dynamic massage technique of the whole body that aims to dissolve tension and tone both muscles and joints, as well as enhance blood flow. It is generally very popular with athletes.

Featuring several different techniques, this type of massage is performed as much on muscle attachments as on tendons and muscles, combining deep relaxation with increased flexibility, in addition to fighting stress very effectively. Do not hesitate to ask your massage therapist to increase or decrease pressure as preferred.

Deep tissue

Deep tissue massage combines the benefits of three techniques (Swedish massage, Californian massage and passive mobilization) and allows deep muscle and nerve relaxation. It also helps prevent muscle and joint pain.


As the name suggests, Californian massage originated in California back in the 1970s at the Esalen Institute. It is based on Swedish massage, whose techniques (such as effleurages, sliding pressures, treading, kneading, and friction rotations) it has retained, but its gentle and intuitive touch was inspired by the Esalen style. Californian massage is suitable for people of all ages as well as pregnant women, and particularly for those seeking relief from stress or suffering from chronic pain as it provides deep relaxation and muscle tension relief. On the physical level, Californian massage techniques stimulate blood and lymph flow, promote tissue oxygenation, relax muscles and provide deep tension relief. By helping release buried feelings, this type of massage can help refocus and restore one’s inner balance.

Sports Massage

Contrary to what the name indicates, you do not need to be an athlete to receive this type of massage. Anyone who engages in physical activity on a regular basis will benefit from it. For pre-training as well as for recovery after physically demanding exercise, sports massage is the ideal partner to pamper you. It aims to maintain joint motion range and flexibility as well as diminish muscle tension and pain associated with training or physical activity.

It is not intended for relaxation, but can still have a calming effect.

Pregnancy Massage (from the second trimester on)

Pregnancy can cause all sorts of discomfort and pregnant women often feel stiff, tired and anxious. This type of massage is given to the pregnant woman as she is lying on her stomach on a pillow specifically designed to offer maximum comfort; it greatly helps remedy all those unpleasant little aches and pains.

It should, however, be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy.

* There are other contraindications to massage therapy depending on your medical condition as a pregnant woman: history of miscarriage, at-risk pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, etc. If this applies to you, it is essential to seek the advice of your physician or midwife in charge of follow-up care before making an appointment for massage therapy.